Thursday, 11 September 2014

Mexican Books

Hola. I wrote two Novels set mostly in Mexico. The Mexican Girlfriend is a contemporary commercial YA fiction about 17-year-old Selena wanting to find true love. The Mexican Dream is a contemporary YA fiction about 17--year-old Xochitl wanting to be a famous author. Both  include the beauty of Mexican food, music, literature, folklore, culture, history and locations. I enjoyed writing it, learning about Mexico, while listening to hundreds of wonderful Mexican songs. 

My novel pays a tribute to Selena,  the late American-Mexican singer.

Here two very different singers: from Mexico City and from Sinaloa. Sheyla from Sinaloa appears a few times in the storyline of my novel.

and some Mexican-American singers
like Jennifer Pena
and HA-SH  
and like Beck G

If I have to choose only one song from Mexico, this is the one, written by Juan Gabriel
Ana Gabriel also appears a few times in the storyline of my novel.

And for a good beat from Monterrey

Also I wrote a Chinese-American YA fiction set mostly in China, and an American-German YA fiction set mostly in NYC and also in Germany .. and a creative nonfiction picture book set in Mexico.